Message to citizens of Tallahassee.

Do you live in a  white working class/middle class neighborhood in Tallahassee? There is a good chance an ROF cell member lives near you. The RROF (http://rroft.k) is publicly announcing that it is considered okay for members within its ranks to conceal their identities from the public and to attempt to blend in. Expect you’ll […]

ROF Militia gaining momentum in Florida Panhandle.

A large faction of the Republic Of Florida, The “REAL REPUBLIC OF FLORIDA” or RROF, Is gaining momentum in the Florida panhandle. Waving of the “Cadeno Star” flag can be seen regularly in Tallahassee FL and surrounding counties. The completing of measurable goals was recently discussed at an ROF Meeting- This meeting only had 6 […]

Political prisoners released/ROF Infighting

The boys are back in town.    As of St. Patricks day 2015, All ROF Political prisoners have been released.   On March 17th, Jordan Jereb was set to have gone to court to get a bond, which would have enabled him to fight his frivolous case (With the legal assistance of Joseph Bodiford)- One […]

Recent developments within the ROF Militia

More Members:  ROF has had an uptick in membership- Our own numbers in North Florida which consisted of a very small amount of people are now a force to be reckoned with- The 4th Company having only had 5 active members at its lowest point in recent history- Now has about 8 active members- And an […]