Signs of a sick and dying nation

These are sure signs of a sick or dying Nation. If you see any of them, your guardians are committing treason. • Mixing and destruction of the founding race; • Destruction of the family units; • Oppressive taxation; • Corruption of the Law; • Terror and suppression against those who warn of the Nation’s error; […]

Threat Defcon Levels

SEVERE MDS-1 CONDITION RED ENEMY ACTION IN PROGRESS READINESS:  Total Domestic conflict is occurring, this is the highest alert status. Danger is imminent. The ROF Militia is fully activated. All units need to assemble according to protocol. Evacuate by most expedient means necessary on planned routes. Assemble at designated rally points.  Commanders will give further […]

Special thanks to donors

We would like to thank all of those who have contributed financially to the Republic Of Florida, We know you work hard for your money and we will continue to patrol these communities and lower the crime rates in Tallahassee. We are considering using the next line of donations after this one to buy night […]

June 10th Meeting for Tallahassee

THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY IF YOU ARE IN THE TALAHASSEE R.O.F.   ROF Militia June 10th Mandatory Meeting Agenda – [DRAFT] More points may be added or subtracted before June 10th. Discussions list: Registration of memberships will be required immediately upon making contact before meeting can precede.  Theme of discussion: Where are we heading as […]