Burning an ROF flag is illegal.

The statute clearly says that defacement of any colors, standard, Flags, Of FLORIDA is a crime. It does not mention STATE of Florida, It simply says FLORIDA. If anyone ever gets a hold of one of our flags and burns it, we will insist that they be arrested.  Have a nice day. 876.52 Public mutilation of […]

Stop arguing with liberals, Just spread memes.

The liberals are not interested in having a discussion or a debate, All your sources are “Biased” to them, And they are only interested in virtue signalling their religious devotion to political correctness. You win the game by not playing. Do not argue with them, Meme them. Here are some good ROF Memes you can […]

Florida Sheriffs Association should be abolished.

Hey, FSA. We kinda take this personally. You have no business conducting your training seminars privately to where everyday citizens cannot see what you are doing. If you were a law enforcement agency instead of an “Association”, You’d politically be in hot water. In the past few years, You have released training videos that are […]