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“That race whose males will not fight to death to keep and mate with their females will perish.” – David Lane

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Republic Of Florida is a white civil rights organization fighting for white Identitarian politics, And the ultimate creation of a white ethnostate so we can be free from anti-white policies and have policies that reflect our values as white westerners. The ROF Militia is the armed forces of the Republic Of Florida.

ROF Militia/Republic Of Florida are erroneously used interchangeably by outsiders, In part because of our own usage of these terms online for the purpose of search engine optimization and “Brand Recognition” Strategy. The Militia is a part of a larger organization, the Republic Of Florida.The Militia is the armed forces of the Republic, Hence, ROF Militia.

Part of why we use ROF militia And Republic Of Florida so interchangeably online, is Regarding sensationalism behind the “Militia title” and the historical precedent, And certain continuity and search engine optimization strategy, As well as what people are likely looking for on the internet as far as their contact with ROF on the streets, Has lead us to use this title more often on the internet than merely using “Republic Of Florida.” Those of us doing our most controversial activism on the streets are usually with the ROF Militia, And our uniforms reflect this, Thus, We want our internet presences to reflect this, Because this is what people are going to type in when they are looking for us.

Because the affairs of the Republic Of Florida’s provisional government are of a sensitive nature, And inconsequential to members of the general public at this point in time. The Provisional government of the Republic Of Florida is the brains of the operation, And has some of the finest minds available working within it, Including majors of political science at both Florida State university and the University of Florida.

The identities of the vast majority of us remain hidden; We walk among you. We are in your colleges and universities, We are in your police departments, We have infiltrated the ranks of the United States Army, Marines, And even the coast guard. We have an electrical engineer in our ranks, And an agricultural engineer, As well as welders. We are the people, And we are quietly working in the background toward our ultimate goals.

We will win, And we will not be demographically displaced in the land that we love, And that rightfully belongs to us. We have payed for this land honestly, We have payed for it with blood. 

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