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“That race whose males will not fight to death to keep and mate with their females will perish.” – David Lane

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Republic Of Florida is a white civil rights organization fighting for white Identitarian politics, And the ultimate creation of a white ethnostate so we can be free from anti-white policies and have policies that reflect our values as white westerners. The ROF Militia is the armed forces of the Republic Of Florida.

ROF Militia/Republic Of Florida are erroneously used interchangeably by outsiders, In part because of our own usage of these terms online for the purpose of search engine optimization and “Brand Recognition” Strategy. The Militia is a part of a larger organization, the Republic Of Florida.The Militia is the armed forces of the Republic, Hence, ROF Militia.

Part of why we use ROF militia And Republic Of Florida so interchangeably online, is Regarding sensationalism behind the “Militia title” and the historical precedent, And certain continuity and search engine optimization strategy, As well as what people are likely looking for on the internet as far as their contact with ROF on the streets, Has lead us to use this title more often on the internet than merely using “Republic Of Florida.” Those of us doing our most controversial activism on the streets are usually with the ROF Militia, And our uniforms reflect this, Thus, We want our internet presences to reflect this, Because this is what people are going to type in when they are looking for us.

Because the affairs of the Republic Of Florida’s provisional government are of a sensitive nature, And inconsequential to members of the general public at this point in time. The Provisional government of the Republic Of Florida is the brains of the operation, And has some of the finest minds available working within it, Including majors of political science at both Florida State university and the University of Florida.

The identities of the vast majority of us remain hidden; We walk among you. We are in your colleges and universities, We are in your police departments, We have infiltrated the ranks of the United States Army, Marines, And even the coast guard. We have an electrical engineer in our ranks, And an agricultural engineer, As well as welders. We are the people, And we are quietly working in the background toward our ultimate goals.

We will win, And we will not be demographically displaced in the land that we love, And that rightfully belongs to us. We have payed for this land honestly, We have payed for it with blood. 

135 thoughts on “About Us

      1. Hello. I’m a producer at Univision Network. Would like to speak to ROF. Can you contact me at 305-775-6853? Thank you, Evelyn


      2. Yeah for a bunch of scared white guys with tiny penises. It’s laughable that you think people even consider you men. Look more like snowflakes to me.


    1. All of you are a bunch of ignorant losers. Kind of silly for you to spend your hard-earned compensation (from minimum wage jobs, I’m sure) to spread hate that’s based on your own fear and insecurity. Douchebags.


  1. So….just curious…is this a white supremacy group, one of them “we’re bitter the South lost” groups, or one of those Sovereign citizen organizations? Just curious.

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    1. We are White Nationalists. We reject the terminology “White Supremacists”. We do not think we are supreme- We think we have the right to exist and not be the victims of genocide by assimilation and demographic displacement.

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      1. You’re moronic cunts who can’t get laid playing soldier in the woods, probably a bunch of fat ugly motherfuckers with the collective IQ of 80. Kill yourselves now racist retards. LOL at you cunts.


    2. Just more poorly educated white cowards who’s ethos is that comparable to a frenzied, snarling wolf or feral, chest-thumping chinchilla. i mean, look! “That race whose males will not fight to death to keep and mate with their females will perish.”WHO THE HELL in their sick little head WRITES THIS KIND OF SHIT!?! Some twisted little guy named David i guess. :/


  2. Wow, American Union traitors AND white supremacists. Nice combination. Do us real American Floridians a favor and go back to your trailer parks, white trash.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hey “Real American”. Please define “A real Floridian” I was born in Pensacola and I don’t live in a trailer unless you are referring to my $250,000.00 motor home that probably costs more than the house are renting 🙂 I bet you aren’t even from Florida 🙂 If you were then you would say: Mobile Home Parks, not trailer parks??? Here’s a little advice: It is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt 🙂

        Semper Fi


  3. Hahah, you have to approve comments because you can’t stand criticism. What a bunch of snowflakes. The world would be better off with you all dead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Real American: I doubt you got the balls to call someone “white trash” to their face, but please remember that if you ever do find your balls, then be prepared for the spanking you will get that your parents should have given you 🙂 Obviously they are not to much into editing comments 🙂 They let all the dumb shit you spew post 🙂 rothflmao


  4. white privilege and white power has been the norm since the beginning of christendom…so who’s saying that the white race doesn’t have the right to exist? stop the hate!

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  5. Man you guys and girls are nothing but a bunch of dumbass bag of dicks to not even realize that Children of America could kick your loser ass who won a fucking movement put your panties back on suck a dick and go the fuck back to where you came from better yet take your loser ass and fucking leave you have no clue what you’re doing you guys need help you can’t fight you can’t little girl you can’t do shit your videos suck I wouldn’t join you if you were the last group of the faces fucking Earth I’d kill myself before I be associated with you fucking bag of dicks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tinkerbell, Why do talk about “dicks” so much? Do you have a Daddy fetish 🙂 I must admit that your comment about “killing yourself” is probably a good idea 🙂


  6. Hello Fellas, I am an old man, a septuagenarian if you will. Your first order of business should be: On how to function within the law. It should be encapsulated within your charter. Doctor William Pierce was a brilliant American Patriot. They never nailed him. Matt Hale was also a very bright young man. But he failed to fully appreciate the underhanded quite illegal tactics that ZOG would sink to He is doing 40 years. Edgar Steele likewise, a practicing attorney, they framed him and he soon died in prison. There are many more. You can walk through the very Jaws of hell if you know what you are doing, is probably outdated in the endeavor that you guys are taking on. Please hear and take me seriously.

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  7. You don’t need to publish this, but you should assume at every meeting that you are infiltrated by a ZOG agent. Even at the upper levels of your organization.

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      1. Beware.

        Norman Elliot mentioned Matt Hale, who was brought down by his security chief, Tony Evola.

        The government agent lied during trial, and doctored tapes were also used as evidence: enough for the complicit ‘legal’ system to sentence Hale to 40 years — a punishment reserved for Whites.

        Being “legal” is not enough.
        You must be smart.


        P.S. Learned of you through Gadsden at Radio Wehrwolf.


      2. *you’re. I’ve seen this grammatical error numerous times in your official posts also. Furthermore, ad hominem fallacy is not what you think it is. Perhaps you need to revisit an introduction to philosophy course or continue to be “intellectually dishonest”? You seem to lack very basic logic, reasoning and debate skills.


    1. Poor kevin! His momma obviously did not put enough milk in his oatmeal 🙂 I don’t think his girlfriend thinks I’m fat 🙂


  8. Take my U.S. Army’s clothing off your stupid fucking hillbilly inbreeding honkey dirty ass redneck bodies while participating in your I’m a poor white man with a small dick and fucking hippo shaped ugly ass women poor white trash antics. My brothers and sisters Died in that uniform you never amount to nothing pieces of shit. And the U.S. Army does does stand or condone what your fucking morons are doing. Fuck each and every one of you sacks of shit. You are no different than isis and America has no place for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Typical army grunt response 🙂 It’s not his fault since they will accept anybody even if they can’t read, write, spell or use correct grammar 🙂 Even a dumbass knows that “Honkey” is spelled “Honky” not like “monkey” 🙂 He did say he was a poor man with a small dick so at least he’s honest 🙂


  9. I speak on behalf of myself, my friends, and my family when I say that your beliefs are not welcome here. As a white person, I’m ashamed of your intent to create a “white ethnostate”. Our country was founded on diversity and equality. I will stand against your beliefs and actions, alongside my ethnically and culturally diverse allies. There is no place for hate or ethnic cleansing in this country or elsewhere.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. This was a totally legitimate argument that you are trying to undermine because you have no answer to it. You can’t stand that there are “whites” out there that don’t think like you do, that aren’t afraid of someone that looks different, that aren’t afraid of progress. Sad for you 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “Race” is not just visual. It is not a “Social construct.” The races are biologically different and have different brains, and different predispositions. Your argument is based on a false premise.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I really would love a link to the “different races, different brains” research you seem to be referencing… I’ll wait.


      4. Again, you’re actually saying that “race isn’t a social construct “ without backing that statement with any factual information at all. I can absolutely post easily 100 articles that define race in our society as a social construct from thousands of communities across the US. You’re also making assertions that we have physical brain traits that denote difference based on race, but offer no examples of how that fits your narrative that we cannot coexist as equals. Once again you offered zero evidence to back the claims. With a logic that is absent it’s really not worth engaging you in an intellectual manner. It’s obvious you lack the crucial understanding of the dynamics of race, class and gender in the US. Your cause and weak organization are futile. You’re destined to fail miserably. It’s never too late for higher learning. You may be doing yours from the inside of a correctional institution if you don’t check yourself before you wreck yourself!


    1. Hate filled pseudo neonazi and white supremacist militia based groups are the scourge that seems to proliferate in America today. The deranged individual who murdered these valuable teens and staff members in Florida trained with your fringe group. I’m sure the F.B.I will be dropping into see you folks real soon. Let’s see if you keep up the tough guy verbiage when they get there. My intuition says you folks won’t be able to stand the negative flood of public opinion coming your way!


    2. Fortunately your “beliefs” don’t matter much to most Americans 🙂 I served in the U.S. Military to defend the rights of ALL Americans to have Freedom of Speech 🙂 This Country was founded on The Right to speak freely and on Godly principles! You are a hippo critical wind bag 🙂 What you’re really saying is that if we don’t agree with your beliefs then we are wrong? You dear lady are an idiot 🙂


  10. I would like to know how you think you can call yourself a militia in Florida, when they have very specific laws against militias and paramilitary training. I can give you Statutes if you are unable (or choose not to) locate them.


    1. What your saying is patently untrue. How can something that is guaranteed in the FL constitution and US Constitution be against state law? Why do you people insist on spreading misinformation?

      250.02 Militia.—
      (1) The militia consists of all able-bodied citizens of this state and all other able-bodied persons who have declared their intention to become citizens.
      (2) The organized militia is composed of the National Guard and any other organized military forces that are authorized by law.
      (3) The unorganized militia is composed of all persons who are subject to military duty but who are not members of units of the organized militia.
      (4) Only persons exempt from military duty by the terms of federal law are exempt from military duty in this state.


      1. *ypu’re, dammit, YOU’RE! It’s a contraction that combines the two worlds “you are”. “Your” is a possessive pronoun that indicates belonging. YOUR lack of very basic English skills is very telling; especially combined with your continual logic fallacies that all stem from faulty logic and revolve back to dogmatism when challenged because you lack any sustainability in defending your position. Let me begin to help you understand by stating that you seem to make a blatantly false claim of “white genocide” in that you actually do not have a clue what genocide actually means and there is no basis in fact that it is or has ever occurred. Once you wrap your head around how there is no room for debate in claiming this is true, you may want to reevaluate your positions based in reality. Start there and develop your assertions based in fact. You can make some valid claims related to cultural issues, but if you want to be taken seriously you start in valid points and not fictional trigger phrases. I can note that your premise is a symptom of class warfare in the country and your position and your organization are part of the problem and not the solution. Good luck, I do hope you’ll seek a path of education and enlightenment in order to improve upon yourself.


      2. Just another observation of your own “intellectual dishonesty”: your white heritage doesn’t make you a minority in this country. You have claimed to be a somehow oppressed minority, yet you’re just not in a minority group based on your race nor gender nor sexual preference (unless you’re not telling us something?). This website, aside from the basic English errors, also makes blatantly false claims of victim hood. Like I suggested, if you can manage to sort your thoughts and assert debatable topics based in factual reality, you may be able to gain a better understanding of the world around you. Then, and only then, will your positions and views be valid. Until then, it’s obvious anyone who may follow you will fail under a very weak cause and poor strategy. Just sayin’.


  11. Being a youth in Florida, I have almost lost hope in my state. Constant jewry within the school system aswell as full integration of negro culture. It’s truly a sad sight and grinds at my determination to be a traditional white male.I just watched a YouTube video about this organization and Im ecstatic. I will surely join when Im older if shit hasnt already hit the fan. 1488


    1. Find a way to do activism one way or another. If we do not do activism and rattle the cage of the general public, Our movements flame will die. Get out there and do something, Even if it is small.


      1. With any luck at all, your movement WILL die – You know, just like all those people one of your members murdered at a school.


      2. Dumbass white trash Florida crackers. Too bad the hurricane didn’t wipe out your trailer park. Fuck off and die you inbred southern fucks. You fuckers list the Civil War 150 years ago.


      3. I’m understanding now that you’re preying on misguided youths who are naive enough and desperate for belonging. Will you send this youngster to a school acting as a domestic terrorist? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


  12. The blood of every student and teacher involved in yesterday’s cowardly act in Parkland is on the hands of every one of the members of this racist/terrorist group.


  13. ROF. As I once told you deleting videos, pictures and posts from the various social media accounts you hold and on other websites are not going to help you. Anything you place on the web is there forever. Sites such as ironmarch, republicofflorida.com, jordanjereb.com, twitter, facebook and all the others. You are somebody who manipulates others (younger than you) who love to please their master. I told you you would end up incarcerated again. I hope you enjoyed what you had in Leon County Jail because prisons are another beast.


  14. This should be fun.

    1. Allegiance to ROF
    In defense of my homeland, The Floridian people (I thought you didn’t acknowledge the state? Why would you call yourself a Floridean if you don’t recognize the state?), And our liberty. We pledge our lives and fortunes to the republic. My house is your house so long as you are true to the interests of the Republic. I stay true to the ROF.

    2. Allegiance to your race
    We pledge our uncorrupted hand to people of European lineage and those who consider themselves our allies. There are those outside of the white race who we will inevitably consider allies, But we must not sexually mix with them or pretend that we have no differences (You mention that there are differences between races several times on your site. Do you ever actually quote or link to scientific data? Or do you just expect everyone to believe you? I only ask because of the many studies that prove that there is NO genetic difference between races. Sure, there may be cultural differences, but I am white and so are you, yet I am vastly culturally different than you.).

    3.Willingness to wage battle
    If battle is to become necessary I pledge to fight to the best of my ability, And to train to become better. I will do my best to maintain a level of physical fitness- You cannot fight if you are tired and weak(I just want to know who this enemy you are worried about may be. Do you think you have some sort of chance of standing up to an actual military force?).

    4. Drug free, Situational awareness
    I will not poison myself with the misuse of chemical substances(Except you admit that your own members can’t decide if marijuana or alcohol should be allowed, because well, can’t run a militia without beer and pot? Very convincing.). Chemical substances have their place, But they should only be used medicinally. Drug abuse is the number one obstacle to the recruiting of the young in our society (Have you ever considered that the number one obstacle to recruitment is your doctrine of division and violence? I mean…just maybe?).

    5. Sexuality and Partnerships
    I will treat women (Or men if your a woman) with respect, Especially those who are acting in official capacity. If I ever engage in recreational sex I will use contraceptives (Do your members really need to be taught this? How young are you getting them? Have they not even received a sex education course? Are they mentally stunted pr have exceptionally low IQs?). I will not have sexual relationships outside my Race, Engage in Bestiality or Pedophilia, Or Homosexuality(So now you’re no longer just a white rights activist group, you’re also an anti-gay movement. I bet it is still ok for girls to kiss, though?). I will get married through the Republic Of Florida – Not the state of Florida (If you don’t recognize the state of Florida…why are you the republic of Florida? Not very original and it’s kind of confusing.).

    6. Knowledge/Doctrine
    I will expand my mind by reading and gathering knowledge. I will learn ROF (There’s ROF literature? Oh boy…you should let me get a look at that. It must be filled with ancient secrets of martial arts, intense military movements and exercises, schemes to overthrow the oppressor and at least one knight in shining armor, with a dragon, and a princess.) and secessionist doctrine and have full comprehension of it. I will keep up with current events (And make sure to misinterpret them to further the machinations of the ROF. HEIL!).

    7. Acting in official capacity/Militia
    If in an organized Militia or volunteer cell I will respect the chain of command while acting in official capacity. If I am not willing to take orders I simply will not volunteer for Militia work. When I wear the uniform of a cell or verbally agree to act within official capacity, I am in “Active Service”(Was that member of yours that just killed 17 people in a Florida school engaged in “Active Service”?).

    8. Honesty
    I will honor my word and do what I say I will do. I will pay all debts. An ROF operator does not stop until his mission is complete. I will treat my fellow man with humility and Respect (Unless you don’t approve of how they live right?). I am a humble servant of the creator (And the ROF, don’t forget that you pledged yourself to the ROF).

    9. Moral Righteousness
    I will strive to be a morally righteous person guided by the will of the creator (You’ve already f**ked that part up by the way…). Victory is on the side of providence. We are the sons of western civilization (Including all of our terrorists members, who aren’t Islamic because we don’t view that as a religion) (Also, we hate Muslims, because while we hide behind sayings like “intellectual laziness and dishonesty”, we don’t, in fact, make any true effort to understand anyone but ourselves.).

    10. Integrity and Loyalty
    I will never forget who I am or pretend to be something I am not. I will not serve 2 masters (Again, contradicting yourself, is it the ROF, or is it the Creator, or is it your commanding officer?), I will be true to my (white, heterosexual) people even when nobody is looking.

    There. I helped you be more honest in your description of your organization. I think I deserve for someone to give me a flag. It’s a great honor!


  15. I have read this website, the frequently asked questions, and the 10 codes of ROF. I find it very disturbing. While you have the right to associate, live near, marry, whom ever you want, I do not understsnd why you feel the need to have a militia. Who is attacking you? Who are you defending yourselves from?

    This site states that you are not about being hateful. I fear, however, that the recruitment of young people to a white nationalist organization may stir up hate, especially if they were already harboring it.

    The young fun man in the most recent school shooting in Florida associates himself with the ROF. As per your websites suggestion to all members, including non-militia, he owned a gun. For some reason, he decided to use that weapon and unleash his anger on a school full of kids.

    I highly encourage you to not condone this hatred (or behavior), teach what is right, and be hyper-vigilant for extremists amongst the ROF.


  16. its idiots like you people that’s causing such a negative impact on the american military recruitment because anyone of you people can walk around wearing ACU and some clueless kid would think everyone in the military is racist.


  17. F.B.I will be visiting you folks real soon. Let’s see how long you keep the tough guy stance up when they come knocking on your door. The guy you personally trained is now a multiple murderer. In my opinion I believe you have aided and abeded him with your actions. Shame on you and your neonazi group.


  18. Well, it looks like your “training” is effective…Nikolas Cruz managed to murder 17 people. He’s going to make your group famous!


  19. A member of your group has committed an atrocity. I hope your group responds with decency to the victims and acknowledging any responsibility you have for how your actions may have led to what happened. The world is now watching. God bless


  20. Fromm Tweeter.”The ROF’s leader Jereb Jordan is admitting/claiming the Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz as a member.”
    Did you just admit training Cruz? If you did? Do you understand how stupid that would be?
    Contact me by e-mail.


  21. The fact that you do not seem capable of consistently writing complete sentences, and lack even a cursory understanding of how capitalization works in English, speaks volumes about your organization. Pick up a grammar book, go home, and, at the very least, learn the basics of the language you claim to defend. Then go one step further: read. As soon as you start to discover the unrivaled literature that exists in our language, written by native English speakers, reflect on the diverse backgrounds of the people who wrote it. Skin color is a shade. Go deeper. Cut yourself. Delicately. Through the red blood. To the bone white. To the grey matter of every human brain. White is not a definition. White is not a philosophy. White is a pigmentation.


  22. You keep telling people to “read the FAQs,” but that thing is pretty vague and just raises more questions. What exactly are the “anti-white policies” you object to? I can’t think of any, so what are some specific examples? I can definitely think of pro-white and anti-black and Latino policies, though–and I can give examples: differential charging and sentencing in the justice system; police singling out black and Latino neighborhoods for extra scrutiny, as well as extra hassling and arrests; ICE and police assuming all Latinos are undocumented, etc. etc. I’m white and we are NOT discriminated against for our race.

    There’s tons more to critique here, but you won’t listen or understand. I do have to say, gotta say, if you want respect from anyone with a brain, you need someone smarter to write the website text. Outsource! What a mess of misspellings, comma-period confusion, random capitalizations, and incoherent sentence structure this is! Embarrassing, really, cuz you’re living up to the stereotype of white supremacist nationalists (and you can claim otherwise in public, but you’re both).


  23. If there are any in your ranks of the ROF that have actually graduated from high school, you may want to have them proof read your website. There are tons of typos, many of which are quite humorous.


  24. your organization is responsible for the school shooting have fun when the gov kicks in all your doors he was a member you claim so every one of you helped train him good luck sucking dick in prison you buch of degenerates





  26. While I may not agree with your views, I support your right to them.

    That being said. Proofreading will make a big difference. Knowing the differences between your & you’re for example. If you wish to be taken more seriously, take the time to clean up errors.


  27. Wow, I bet you guys are catching a lot of shit right now. You might want to reconsider talking to the jew media in the future. They’re devious bastards and can never be trusted.


  28. To anyone reading their page, they didn’t meet Nikolas Cruz nor have him has a member. They were dumb enough to troll journalists. Law Enforcement found no link between the group and Nikolas Cruz.


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