Tallahassee ROF Recruitment Policy


Full member refers to an ROF that has full membership in the organization. A full member has put in a membership application, Payed the processing fee (Women do not pay processing fee) and successfully completed the prospecting phase, Which can take up to a year, But takes at least 3 months.  In order to be a full member, You must be 18 at the time you become a full member. 

17 Year olds may put in an application, But there will be no possibility of full membership until after 18th birthday, Sometimes, Depending on a variety of circumstances, A prospect can become a full member on his  18th birthday!

Under 17? Ask your parent/guardian about joining the ROF Youth Corps. If you have your caretaker/guardians permission, You can attend closed-door ROF events. For legal reasons, we cannot let you take place in public activism.


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