Anti-Antifa tactics, CAMOBLOC

What to do if Antifa is attacking you?

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the actions of anyone that reads this, Nor am I advocating offensive violence against any person or group. This is a guide of hypothetical ways that people COULD respond to mass Antifa violence, We are NOT suggesting anyone break  the law, And these tactics should only be used in preservation of your own life or the life of others. If you do not fear death or great bodily harm, The amount of force you can use becomes somewhat limited.

In the state of FL you have no duty to retreat; Just be more prepared for battle and more brutal than they are. We are NOT advocating throwing the first punch (Unless you think throwing the first punch is necessary to prevent imminent bodily harm of course, Then it would be completely legal in the state of Florida) Did I mention FL is an Open Carry Knife state for all fixed blades? Yea- You can legally carry a machete on your belt on a public sidewalk- Its great for when your trimming bushes and chopping the Kudzu vines and getting rid of Invasive… Plans.


  1. Pull their masks over their faces, They will not be combat effective if their eyes are covered. Cover their eyes with their own masks, Then you decide with your own judgement what to do next.
  2. Isolate their weapons from them whenever possible, Keep a “Lasso” on your melee weapons as to avoid dropping them.
  3. Utilize “Choke points” in the scenery around you, Retreat into, And take control of, Narrow spaces- This will neutralize their numerical advantage.
  4. Learn Florida’s Justifiable use of force statute, If your in fear of great bodily injury, Back away, Enter the weaver stance, Aim at their head, And squeeze the trigger. Repeat this process until threat is incapacitated.
  5. Financially outspend them, Get better equipment than them, Come with more gadgets and gizmos than them. Get tactical gear, Riot Shields, And whatever else you need to give spoiled brats a spanking. Riot helmets with vizors will keep the majority of pepper spray off your face.
  6. Use emergency flares as weapons, burn their eye sockets out and blind them. This is a particularly good tactic at night. DO NOT drop your emergency flare in an area where Antifa can recover it; They may turn the flare to use it as a weapon on you. If you are to use the flare as a thrown projectile, Wait until its almost burned out- This will require heavy duty gloves and some presence in mind, As well as ability to think fast. Emergency flares can also be used to signal law enforcement and EMS personnel, As well as your comrades.
  7. At night, Blind the little shitheads with strobe lights.
  8. Get smoke flares from Walmart, Or smoke grenades off the internet, Use these smoke grenades to cover your advance or retreat, Or to isolate and contain Antifa, Or to just generally confuse them. You can also signal comrades that you are in need of assistance with these measures.
  9. Start your protest out smaller than it actually is, See if antifa attacks- If they do- Call backup on walkie talkies, And have this backup rush in from  their flank.
  10. Keep the highgrounds. If Antifa has to travel up a flight of stares before they can attack you, You have a strategic advantage.
  11. Make sure whatever organization you join, That there are scrappers who love a good fight. Antifa are mentally ill victim complex spoiled brats. Get some prison hardened Aryan Brotherhood members on your side and curb stomp the little shits.
  12. All the “Anarchist” style things “Black Bloc” Types do, Under the right set of circumstances, Can be reverse engineered for self defense under exigent circumstances. There is no tactic that makes you a murderer so long as you are in fear of great bodily harm in the state of Florida.
  13. If engaged in battle, Taunt their women, Who are biologically weaker. Their women will go onto the front lines of battle and the men will fall to the rear, These women can easily be pushed over, And will thus trip and otherwise occupy the more able men. They want gender equality- Give it to them.
  14. Use zipties to place them under arrest if they are engaging in forcible felonies. If someone is beating people up with a baseball bat, You have the moral (And usually the legal) Right to bound their hands behind their back and detain them until the proper authorities gain control over the situation.
  15. If you have no choice but to retreat, Do so slowly, Fight it out facing them as you back away, And never turn your back to them. Be sure to watch your footing, Do not trip over rocks or any debris while you are slowly moving backward. DO NOT make a frantic effort to retreat, For reasons involving psychology that are beyond the scope of this blog post, It is NEVER a good idea to make a hasty retreat- This will embolden enemies. Manipulate your surroundings to your advantage to neutralize their numerical advantage. Pop smoke to cover your retreat. It sometimes is even good to act as though you are counter attacking during your retreat- This can buy you some time, Though you should only do it once or twice because they will wise up to it after the 3rd or 4th time.

Should you ever be arrested for implementing these tactics in lawful self defense, It is the burden of the prosecuting attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of your peers that you did NOT fear for your life, or fear great bodily harm. 

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