Trying to be ROF Militia? Get these items

You are more or less expected to have these items, These items are important. If you don’t have these items, And there is a legitimate reason behind why you do not have them, Your unit commander will be sympathetic. But be prepared to answer for why you don’t have anything on this list. 

If you are a proud white heterosexual man, You should probably own these items anyway, These are items a man who takes accountability for his own life would own. We will look at you like you are crazy if you do not have at least 50% of these items. We are an organized Militia, Not a gang of kids. Contrary to popular belief, One doesn’t just put a pistol in his waste line like a gangbanger and put on some ROF patches and go “OMGZ GUIZ IMMA MILITIA” 

If your legitimately broke, But you show true loyalty to our organization, People will pitch in to help you buy these things. 

If your a new recruit to ROF, You should have these 10 Items, Because if you take your membership seriously, You will end up needing these items; Better to get them before you need them. These items CAN be expensive or dirt cheap. Get what you can afford but understand you get what you pay for. I’d rather a person go to walmart and get the cheapest of every one of these items than save up to get only 1 or 2 of these items. This is a checklist. If you can afford the very best, More power to you. You can always buy more later down the road and having more than one of each of these items is great because one may break/fail/or get utilized. You don’t necessarily need to worry about combat gauze or trauma kits- We will hand those out if we feel a situation could warrant them, But its always great to own your own.

  1. Personal first aid kit Or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) 

If you get an ouchey, Or if you get really f****ed up, Your going to want to administer first aid. We have medical officers that carry first aid equipment, But not having your own personal medical equipment is a good way to get on their shitlist. Keep your own first Aid, YOU as a man are responsible for your own well being. These kits usually cost around 6$ At Walmart. If you want you can spend 100$ On a big fancy trauma kit, But keep in mind you need a kit that you can carry on your person. YOU are a man, This is YOUR responsibility.

2. A Firearm with a proper holster/Sling

This is probably one of the more financially taxing items on this list, There really are not any shortcuts to be made here. A good gun, Holster, And sling, Are a matter of life and death- Spend your cash accordingly. While it should b e noted that buying good equipment wont make you a better shooter, It always will make things easier, There is a such thing as faulty equipment. There are plenty of youtube videos and websites dedicated to budget firearms that aren’t crap- Go out and find those.

Florida is not an open carry state- But when we are on private property we can open carry all we want. So you need a firearm AND holster that you feel comfortable with. Your rifle should have a sling and a carrying case. It should go without saying that you should know the basic rules of muzzle and trigger discipline with a firearm before you even think about touching a gun. Do not be “Self taught”. We will teach you proper techniques for shooting, But get down the safety fundamentals before you ever even touch a gun. Learn how to perform a safety check on your pistol and rifle. Remove the magazine and rack the slide/bolt and check the rifle/pistol. It is not rocket science.

3. Tactical pants, Drab/Camo clothing/Footwear/Hat

Sure, ROF has its own uniforms, But ROF is a lifestyle, And what lifestyle would be complete without its own wardrobe? It is necessary that you have as much survival clothing as you can get your hands on, And strive to have that

You could outfit yourself in the latest in greatest 500$ Kitanica tactical pants, Or just get some realtree pants and shirts from Walmart. This is another area where you could spend just a few bucks or spend thousands of bucks. You do get what you pay for.

4. A good knife 

There are knives that cost 4$, And while this is better than nothing, 4$ Knives are gimmicks. Your life could hang in the balance regarding this ancient, Sacred tool. Sink some decent money into it.

Florida has some of the most lenient knife laws, We are an open carry knife state for fixed blades, Jereb himself used to open carry a machete when he was having issues in his neighborhood. Knives, Like guns, Are not toys. They are not substitutes for courage or character, They are not phallic symbols. They are tools that belong in the hands of a worthy craftsman, And while their safety rules are more simplistic, They do exist. (Always cut away from you etc)

5. A sleep system that you are comfortable with. 

If an emergency situation like Hurricane Harvey hits Florida, And we deploy, And we have to sleep in a barn- Do you have a sleeping bag? Some of our guys literally make a mattress and pillow out trash bags and leaves, And use a cheap walmart tarp, Some of our guys lug around expensive 500$ Tents and quality sleeping bags. Its up to your budget and what you will put up with as far as carrying it.

6. A hatchet, Machete, Or Etool  (Or all 3) 

This isn’t call of duty. You don’t just run through the levels running and gunning and killing bad guys. This is about work, This is about service to our community. We will be the ones saving old ladies from their homes after hurricanes, And were gonna need tools like Machetes and Axes to break down barriers that get in our way. Foliage, Trees, And other general nuisances of nature found in Florida,  Need to be tamed. And a hatchet/Machete is ideal. This is another area where you can pay 7 dollars or 700$. You get what you pay for. Try to pay at least 20$ for this tool. If you can, Get all 3 of the tools. If not, Your safest bet is a hatchet.

7. A ROF dedicated quality backpack, Drab in color or camoflage. 

These things, Like all the other things on this list, Cost money, And last a long time. You will need something to carry your equipment in. Something that can be hidden in the bushes, Something that isn’t colorfull that will give away your position, and something that will look respectable with your ROF uniform. Expect to pay around 40$ for a bag that is even approaching being worthy of ROF Militia standards.

8. Enough nonperishable food to sustain you for a at least week, But that you can carry with you either in your backpack, Or in some form of canvas sack. 

Do not forget water. Lots of bottled water, Water purification tablets if you can afford them. 

If we mount up and deploy to a disaster situation, Such as a hurricane, Our SOP (standard operating procedure)  does not guarantee a resupply plan for up to a week. This CAN mean (But not always) that your on your own as far as feeding yourself. Now, Realistically, We will probably be resupplying and helping and sharing with each other frequently, Even stopping to eat at restaurants,  But this is a likelihood, Not a guarantee. When hurricane Hermine rolled through we resupplied constantly. But a Katrina type situation would make things like a daily resupply nearly impossible.

9. Unopened personal hygiene items. 

BABY WIPES- Very important and as cheap as 99 cents. Tooth paste, Tooth brushes, Soap. This should be kept in your kit. If shaving is important to you during a gigantic disaster situation, Put that in your emergency pack.

10. Lighters, Matches, And waterproof containers 

This doesn’t require that much explanation. The cheapest option for “Waterproof containers” Is ziplock baggies from Walmart, But you can get as expensive and high tec as your budget will allow. You should have lighters and stormproof matches, A flint if you want.

Last but not least,

These are only guidelines. There are probably more things you will need, And only you can know for sure what you want in YOUR kit. One of our guys keeps a bunch of Twix Bars in his kit, Because during hurricane hermine he gave one of the bars to a kid, And it was such a good PR moment for our organization, It was so magical it made us want to cry. 









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