Stop arguing with liberals, Just spread memes.

The liberals are not interested in having a discussion or a debate, All your sources are “Biased” to them, And they are only interested in virtue signalling their religious devotion to political correctness. You win the game by not playing. Do not argue with them, Meme them. Here are some good ROF Memes you can use if ROF comes up in a debate: (Please note the “Memes” on the bottom are not so much memes but quotes from prominent ROF members. )



  1. Carl says:

    “Don’t think or speak for yourself, we’ll will do that for you!”
    I knew y’all would move towards Marxism!


  2. Carl says:

    OMG you looked like a Sperg over on IronMarch. It was the best entertainment SPLC had all week. I assure you, we will stay tuned….


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