Florida Sheriffs Association should be abolished.

Hey, FSA. We kinda take this personally. You have no business conducting your training seminars privately to where everyday citizens cannot see what you are doing. If you were a law enforcement agency instead of an “Association”, You’d politically be in hot water. In the past few years, You have released training videos that are identical in editing to the ones that the Leon County Sheriffs office uses for its own propaganda, And we have noticed certain things in your video that just aren’t right.

What is this at 8 minutes and 49 seconds into your sovereign citizen training video?


These stickers look kinda familiar…




Seems they are taking the secessionist groups that use the St. Andrews Cross, Primarily Republic Of Florida and League Of The South, And demonizing them. There you have it folks. FL sheriffs association looks at you as the enemy. Do you look at them as the enemy?


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