7 Short-Term Demands

7 Short term DEMANDS:
1. Economic and social policies that benefit the return White Nuclear family.
2. An end to all laws that attempt to regulate mans natural right to bear arms.
3. An end to policies that demographically replace Floridian Whites.
4. Free speech for white culture to be propagated, And protected by:
(A) Police presence/protection
(B) Armed ROF Militia physically protecting itself from marxist oppression/Antifa
5. The right to organize without fear of being arrested or persecuted as a result.
6. The right for white nationalist to feel safe, And to not be denied employment
on the basis of belief that a white ethnostate needs to be created.
7. Physical removal of drug dealers from our streets by either deputized ROF Militia or
Paramilitary law enforcement units/Both

5 thoughts on “7 Short-Term Demands

      1. Hey I have a strong interest in joining the group and really believe strongly in the values of ROF. Would I be able to join if I’m Jewish


  1. People like you make me sad to be a white man. There is white privileges… it’s the truth. Get over it, grow up, and help people of all colors. Or day is coming, and when it does, the other races will kill people like you, and ill sit back with popcorn.


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