10 Codes Of ROF


1. Allegiance to ROF
In defense of my homeland, The Floridian people, And our liberty. We pledge our lives and fortunes to the republic. My house is your house so long as you are true to the interests of the Republic. I stay true to the ROF.

2. Allegiance to your race
We pledge our uncorrupted hand to people of European lineage and those who consider themselves our allies. There are those outside of the white race who we will inevitably consider allies, But we must not sexually mix with them or pretend that we have no differences.

3.Willingness to wage battle
If battle is to become necessary I pledge to fight to the best of my ability, And to train to become better. I will do my best to maintain a level of physical fitness- You cannot fight if you are tired and weak.

4. Drug free, Situational awareness 
I will not poison myself with the misuse of chemical substances. Chemical substances have their place, But they should only be used medicinally. Drug abuse is the number one obstacle to the recruiting of the young in our society.

5. Sexuality and Partnerships
I will treat women (Or men if your a woman) with respect, Especially those who are acting in official capacity. If I ever engage in recreational sex I will use contraceptives. I will not have sexual relationships outside my Race, Engage in Bestiality or Pedophilia, Or Homosexuality. I will get married through the Republic Of Florida – Not the state of Florida.

6. Knowledge/Doctrine
I will expand my mind by reading and gathering knowledge. I will learn ROF and secessionist doctrine and have full comprehension of it. I will keep up with current events.

7. Acting in official capacity/Militia
If in an organized Militia or volunteer cell I will respect the chain of command while acting in official capacity. If I am not willing to take orders I simply will not volunteer for Militia work. When I wear the uniform of a cell or verbally agree to act within official capacity, I am in “Active Service”.

8. Honesty
I will honor my word and do what I say I will do. I will pay all debts. An ROF operator does not stop until his mission is complete. I will treat my fellow man with humility and Respect. I am a humble servant of the creator.

9. Moral Righteousness
I will strive to be a morally righteous person guided by the will of the creator. Victory is on the side of providence. We are the sons of western civilization.

10. Integrity and Loyalty
I will never forget who I am or pretend to be something I am not. I will not serve 2 masters, I will be true to my people even when nobody is looking.